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Hebrew Alphabet Letters – Exhibition in Portugal

On January 30, the ‘AlephBet’ exhibition by Israeli artists Tanno Pent Sooster and Sergey Bunkov opened at the Jewish Cultural Center ‘Casa Chabad’ in Cascais, Portugal.

According to Jewish tradition, the world was created through the Hebrew alphabet, and each letter is a manifestation of one of the 22 streams of divine light.

The two Israeli artists decided to translate the profound meaning of the Hebrew alphabet into the language of visual images and metaphors.

The 22 engravings ‘Hebrew Letters by Sooster and Bunkov’ combine well-known images and symbols of Kabbalah, Jewish holidays, gematria, and traditions. They are all mixed with the artists’ own associations and fantasies, demonstrating their personal interpretation of the Hebrew alphabet as a unique cultural phenomenon.Visitors could also see versions of the works in three-dimensional animation. If you point your phone at the etching, the image begins to move and make sounds.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Ambassador of Israel to Portugal, Dor Shapiro, who thanked the artists and organizers of the exhibition and spoke about the importance of Israeli cultural projects abroad.

7 Feb 2024
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