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The ‘Geula’ Program: New Horizons for Young Women Leaders

In Jerusalem, in the historic Ben-Gurion Hall of the World Zionist Organization headquarters, a solemn ceremony was held dedicated to the second graduation of the “Geula” program – a project for preparing young women leaders for Jewish communities in the diaspora.

Representatives of the WZO leadership, Head of the Aliya Promotion Department Marina Rozenberg Koritny, representatives of Ben-Gurion University, the “Ofek Israeli” organization, and, of course, the program participants themselves gathered in the hall. The project organizers and honored guests congratulated the girls on completing their studies and wished them success.

The program participants, 12 representatives of Jewish communities from the USA, Brazil, and France, thanked the organizers and teachers and shared their impressions: about the meeting in Paris, the flight to Israel, the days of study at the student campus of Ben-Gurion University. Lectures, seminars, training sessions, meetings, trips around the country. The schedule was so intense that the two weeks of the program flew by unnoticed. And one more important and unanimous opinion – in these turbulent times, it was here, in Israel, that all program participants felt safer than ever and anywhere else, because they felt at home.

Marina Rozenberg Koritny, Head of the Aliya Promotion Department, author and initiator of the project:

“The program participants, despite their unique individuality, are united by a common spark – the desire to do something meaningful, to make changes, the ability to inspire and lead others. We saw this during the training sessions. Now each participant returns to her country, but we do not part ways and will continue to work together. I believe they will succeed. They have the energy and desire to become true leaders. Good luck!”

6 Jun 2024
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