The project, led by the Department for Promotion of Aliyah of the World Zionist Organization, is aimed at developing leadership for Zionism and encouraging Aliyah  among young women from Israel and the diaspora. It is inspired by Geula Cohen and her work, with an emphasis on innovative initiatives to promote Aliyah led by women.
  • Equipping and developing  leadership skills of young Jewish women worldwide.
  • Strengthening the connection and co-operation between young female leaders from various communities, both in Israel and abroad, to promote Aliyah.
  • Encouraging the development of innovative initiatives led by women.

Geula Cohen (1925-2019) was an Israeli politician and a pioneering leader. From the age of 17, when she joined the Etzel and Lehi underground organisations, she displayed bold leadership qualities, characterised by integrity, dedication to the Jewish people, its heritage, the Land of Israel, the Zionist vision and the Aliyah enterprise.

Her public activities as a leader in the struggle for the Aliyah of Jews from the Soviet Union and Ethiopia, for social justice in Israel, and for our rights in the Land of Israel, earned her a place of honour and respect among the  leaders who led the Jewish people throughout its history. Geula Cohen was the recipient of the Israel Prize in 2003 for her exceptional contribution to society and to the state.

Young Jewish women from communities in Israel and abroad who meet the following criteria:
  • High proficiency in English.
  • Background and experience in activities that demonstrate involvement and leadership in one of the areas in which Geula Cohen was involved, including:
    • Support for the State of Israel.
    • Activism for the Jewish community.
    • Educational activities that strengthen Jewish identity.
    • Activities that promote Aliyah.
    •  Activities contributing to the security of Israel.
    • Social justice activities.
  •  Each participant  will attend a leadership development seminar in Israel (lasting approximately two weeks).
  • After the seminar, each participant will undergo guided training to develop a new initiative or strengthen an existing one, including regular remote learning sessions – both individually and as part of a group.
  • During the programme, each participant will develop a personal initiative with the guidance and mentorship of a personal mentor.
  • Upon completion of the annual programme, each participant will become a young leader in her community.
The seminar will include topics and sub-topics, such as: Women`s Empowerment:
  •  Women's Leadership.
  • Jewish Women's Organisations Worldwide.
  •  International Women's Leadership.
  • Types of Leadership.
  • Women in times of crisis.
  • Women in the History of Zionism.
  • Waves of Aliyah and the Israeli melting pot.
  • Communities and the Diaspora.
  • Encouraging Aliyah.
  • Advocacy (Hasbara)
The Fundamentals of Leadership:
  • Team Management and Budgeting.
  • Dealing with Public Institutions and Authorities.
  • Initiating Projects.
  • Communication and Public Relations.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
The seminar is scheduled to start at May 23-rd 2024
Participants selected by a special public committee will receive full funding for round-trip flight tickets and expenses during the seminar.

"The project gave us the  opportunity to get to know young female leaders from around the world. We gathered in Israel and during the few weeks we created links, strengthened connections within our communities, inspired each other and learned many new and important things,"
Florencia Epstein

"We got together with 17 wonderful young women from all over the world in Vienna, Budapest, and Israel. We learned and got to know many new and interesting things. In my opinion, each of us returned home stronger than ever,"
Josefina Azerrad

"It's not my first visit to Israel. I've been here several times as,  among other things, a guide for Birthright programme (Taglit). But this time it was different: I learned, listened, absorbed, and gained a lot of new and valuable insights. Now I know much more and I'm much more prepared. This is the best opportunity to learn how to be a true leader. I came here as an individual and I'm going back home with my 17 sisters. That's the most important thing,"
Andrea Nisnevich

"We received a lot of inspiration, learned what and how we can do better. We learned to work as a team, create and develop working relationships in order to act for the benefit of our Jewish communities all over the world,"
Julieta Gorodetzky