Photo: Yaakov Saar / Government Press Office (Israel)

«I couldn’t but follow a heartfelt order»

Geula Cohen, "Between Day and Night, The Warrior's Story"

We are honoured to present a program for the training and development of young women leaders in the Jewish world which is based on the character and inspiration of Geula Cohen.

From her youth, Geula Cohen showed leadership and courage, and stood at the forefront in the struggle for the establishment of the State of Israel, Aliyah and the ingathering of the Exiles. Her public activity as a leader in the struggle for the immigration of Jews from the USSR and Ethiopia, for social justice and our right to the Land of Israel, has earned her a place of honor and appreciation among the leaders who have led the Jewish people for generations.


Objectives of the Geula program

To train and develop the leadership skills of young women in the Jewish world

Encourage and strengthen the connection and cooperation between the leadership of young women from the Diaspora and Israel

Encourage the development of innovative women-led ventures.

Historical background

Studies conducted on our initiative in the years 2016-2017 in France, Russia and Ukraine have shown that:

  • Women are more responsible in considering the possibilities of Aliyah and the perspectives involved and are the decisive factor in all stages of making a decision about Aliyah and preparing for it.
  • Women-led Jewish communities are more open to innovation and change and accomplish more notable achievements.
  • Contemporary young women strive to prove themselves. They tend to initiate projects of social importance and join programs to develop their leadership skills.

Program framework

  • The program is designed to develop and encourage leadership for Zionism among young women, from Israel and the Diaspora, with one-third of the participants representing the State of Israel and two-thirds representing Diaspora Jewry.
  • In the first year of the project, 25 young leaders will be selected to participate.
  • During the rest of the project, 50 young leaders will be trained each year.
  • Within 5 years, 225 young leaders will have been trained, who will act to initiate and encourage Aliyah in the Jewish communities wherever they are and within the State of Israel.
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Commitment to the program

Participants will be required to complete the program activity throughout the entire year, which will include

  • A three-week seminar in Israel - at the expense of the World Zionist Organization
    (the seminar will be in English).
  • Development and establishment of a personal enterprise; Each candidate will be asked to write about a venture she wants to develop during the year. New ventures will be preferred, but there is an option to approve existing ventures which the candidate wants to promote and enrich.
  • Participation in individual and group training.
  • Activities for Israel in participants’ respective communities.
  • Joining the Geula Alumni Forum.


Female empowerment

  • Female leadership
  • Jewish women's organisations around the worl
  • Female Leadership - International co-operations
  • Types of leadership
  • Women in times of emergency


  • Women in the History of Zionism
  • Waves of aliyah and the Israeli mosaic
  • Communities and the Diaspora
  • Promotion of Aliyah
  • Hasbara

The foundations of management

  • Managing teams and budgeting
  • Dealing with public institutions and authorities
  • Development of initiatives
  • Communication, Media and Public Relations
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation