About the division

“The country needs the people, and the people need their country”. This formula very accurately expresses the essence of the relationship between the Jewish state and Diaspora Jews. Creation of the State of Israel is the most prominent Jewish start-up of the 20th century. Returning of the Jews to their own state is the start-up of the 21st century. Future of Israel and of the Jewish people depends on its’ success.

About the division

In October 2015 the 37th congress of the World Zionist Organization was held in Jerusalem. One of the main decisions taken there was the establishment  Aliyah Promotion department.

 The wave of Aliyah of 90ies is left behind – then only from the former USSR more than 1 million immigrants came to the country.

The era of globalization came, a lot of people ceased to recognize the importance of the main Zionist idea – to gather all Jews in their own state. But even those, who today do not see the necessity in Aliyah  understand that also in Diaspora it is important for them to have spiritual connection with Israel. Due to the Internet we have entered the new era communication reality. Today the sources of information are not only the media, but also the social networks became the powerful tool in order to form the public opinion and to maintain pubic dialogue.

The Aliyah Promotion department was created in order to strengthen the connection of Diaspora Jews with Israel, in order to help them taking the conscious decision of coming back to the historical homeland with the account of new realities.

It is paradoxically, but today, when each Jew recognizes that he can repatriate at any moment, the motivation for alia is way weaker than during the periods of creating the Jewish state, struggle for independence and struggle for the right to return to the historical homeland. 

The new situation has caused the need for new approaches, ideas and people. Time came to bring back high meaning to the concept of “Zionism”, to fill it with romance which the founders of the Jewish state put into it.

Marina Rosenberg-Koritny was elected as a Head  The Aliyah Promotion  Department. For the first time the representative of the last Aliyah from USSR-FSU took such a high position in one of the most influential and important Jewish organizations in the world.




Marina Rosenberg-Koritny

Marina Rosenberg-Koritny belongs to the new generation of the Israeli community leaders. She repatriated from Kazakhstan in 1995. Over 20 years spent in Israel she gone from the school teacher to the Head of The Aliyah Promotion Department at  the World Zionist Organization. Lives in Be’er-Sheva with her husband and 2 children. 

Her major achievements:

  • 1996 – volunteer of the Be’er-Sheva branch of the “Histadrut”
  • 2003 — member of the City Council of Be’er-Sheva, leader of the municipal committee for tourism development
  • 2005 — chairperson of the Board of Directors of the city development company “Kivunim”
  • 2007 — advisor the  Minister of Tourism
  • 2008 – head of the press-service of the Israel Beitenu
  • 2014 — deputy head of the Director General of the World movement “Beiteinu olami”
  • 2015 — head of the division The Aliyah Promotion Department at the World Zionist organization



МА in “Corporate behaviors” (Polytechnic university, New York)

Major Trends of the Department:


  1. Motivation and assistance in preparing for immigration. Today everyone who has the rights for repatriation knows that he can come to Israel at any moment. However, by far not everyone has motivation to accomplish this step. Our mission – is to bring back the original  meaning to the concept of “Zionism”. The decision  to immigrateis the first step on the way to returning to the homeland. Learning Hebrew, evaluating the prospects of professional requirements, choice of the place for living, knowing the status and rights of the new immigrants, making the personal absorption program. These points largely influence on how the new life in Israel will start. Therefore it is extremely important for people to come to Israel prepared.
  2. Awakening the interest to learning Hebrew. Knowing the language is a very important aspect of national identification. We are expanding the network of ulpans and Hebrew courses in the Diaspora, organizing internships for the teachers. Until the end of 2016 400 new classes will be launched. It is an inescapable fact: immigrants who come to Israel with the knowledge of Hebrew adapt themselves far faster and more successfully.
  3. Strengthening the ties between the Jews in Diaspora and the State of Israel. Diaspora Jews are an integral part of the Jewish people. Renewal and support of the Jewish life should take place in the context of strengthening the national self-identification of Diaspora Jews and forming the sustainable interest to Israel and pride for its’ achievements. It is extremely important to be able to work not only with the Jews united in the communities, but also to reach out to Jews not included in those communities. To learn to talk to the “unaffiliated” Jews, mainly the young people which are out of the existing organizations and communities.