The USA vetoed the resolution on recognizing Palestine as a UN member – WZO

The USA vetoed the resolution on recognizing Palestine as a UN member

On the night of April 19, a vote took place in the UN Security Council on a draft resolution for admitting Palestine as a full member of the organization.

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To pass the resolution, the support of at least 9 out of 15 members of the Security Council is required, provided that none of the five permanent members (USA, China, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom) exercise their veto right. 

If the Security Council adopts the resolution, it is forwarded to the UN General Assembly for a vote, where it must be supported by at least two-thirds of the members.

Voting results:
12 countries: Slovenia, Sierra Leone, Russia, South Korea, Mozambique, Malta, Japan, Guyana, France, Ecuador, China, and Algeria – supported the resolution.
2 countries: the United Kingdom and Switzerland – abstained.
The USA, a permanent member of the Security Council, – vetoed.

The US representatives explained their position by stating that an independent Palestinian state should be established through direct negotiations between Israel and the PA, not through UN actions.

Furthermore, questions remain unresolved about whether Palestine meets the criteria to be considered a state, especially considering the fact that the terrorist organization HAMAS, which does not recognize Israel’s right to exist, governs the Gaza Strip.

19 Apr 2024
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