Learning Hebrew during wartime


Photo: ledenecova69 / depositphotos.com


Learning Hebrew during wartime presents unique challenges. Ulpan students worldwide are exposed to a diverse vocabulary to help them navigate the complex reality in Israel.

The employees of the Department for the Promotion of Aliyah at the World Zionist Organization sought to address these challenges in a global online meeting with numerous Hebrew teachers from Europe, North and South America. The meeting featured the Chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Mr. Jacob Hagoel, and the Head of the Department, Ms. Marina Rosenberg-Koritny.

The Department Head conveyed a crucial message to the teachers: “We have no other nation, no other homeland.” In every generation, new threats arise, but we will not waver in our mission. We will continue to promote Aliyah and serve as a bridge between Israel and the Jewish communities worldwide because Am Israel Chai, and we will not back down or surrender. Mr. Jacob Hagoel echoed this sentiment, offering encouragement to the teachers as Israel faces its current crisis.

Fabio Redak, the consultant of the Teacher Training Department, provided comprehensive guidance on adapting the study program to the wartime period, fostering a positive atmosphere to strengthen the connection between students and the State of Israel. Even in these trying times, it remains crucial to bring Diaspora Jews closer to Israel, teach them Hebrew, and help them understand the intricate realities in the country.

Towards the end of the meeting, teachers were given the opportunity to share their thoughts and recommendations for the continued operation of the Ulpan system. They acknowledged the deep longing of students and Jewish communities to maintain their connection with Israel. This includes seeking encouragement, support, and the opportunity to learn Hebrew, which enhances their understanding of the current situation in the country.

The meeting was not without its challenges, but it proved to be a vital one. The teachers from the department serve as critical conduits for disseminating information about Israel to Jewish communities worldwide. The tools and words of encouragement they received will assist them in their essential role.