The Golden Golda International Award in the UK – WZO

The Golden Golda International Award in the UK

For the first time in the UK, The Golden Golda International Award took place in one moving evening at the Kent House in London!

Mrs. Marina Koritny, Head of the Department for the Promotion of Aliyah of the World Zionist Organization, initiated the prize that has been awarded for the past two years in the US, South America, France and now Britain!

Last week, the year of our three Golden Golda Awards winners starts – Ilana Metzger, Joy Wolfe, and Ruth Jacobs – It has been inspiring for us to share your story and tell more about your contribution to all honourable guests! Your energy in contributing to Zionism and your special connection to Israel is Yahid Sgula!
May this year be as great as you wish!

17 Jul 2019
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