Would you like to plant a tree in the holy land?

The Department for the promotion of Aliyah of the World Zionist Organization has established a special “Olim B-Ivrit” programme together with KKL-JNF .
Anyone who studied and / or is currently studying Hebrew in one of the ulpan classes of the around the world is invited to take part in this project and plant a tree in Israel. This way you can make Israel greener and nurture your personal sense of belonging to the Jewish state!
The fire in the Gaza Strip caused many forest fires in southern Israel, thus thousands of trees and hundreds of acres of green orchards became extinct. In order to rehabilitate forests and wooded groves, the staff of the Department for the promotion of Aliyah together with graduates of its overseas ulpanim who made aliyah to Israel, planted the first orchards in the new grove and call on all our students to take part in the project.
The cost of participation in planting one tree in the grove is 36 NIS. Fill in the attached questionnaire, make the payment as stated, and KKL-JNF will plant a new tree in the “Olim B-Ivrit” grove under your name.
Plant a tree today for Israel’s future: https://domoi.org/en/tree/