Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish New Year of the Trees

Photo: Фото:  CHAIYARAT / Shutterstock.com
Tu B’Shevat is one of the lesser-known ones on the Jewish calendar, tucked in between the more famous Hannukah and Purim. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool and also very easy to celebrate – even in accordance with health regulations.
Here are 10 fabulous facts about Tu B’Shevat to get into the holiday spirit, best enjoyed while nibbling on some dried fruit.
1. It’s one of four Jewish New Years but celebrated like Passover.
2. It’s not mentioned in the Bible.
3. It got its name from the Akkadian language.
4. You can tell it’s Tu B’Shevat by the almond trees.
5. It’s the most vegan holiday ever.
6. People eat dried fruit, but it used to be fresh ones.
7. Dried fruit is good for you, but also not- lots of sugar!
8. It’s all about planting trees.
9. You can plant a tree online.
10. Nowadays, it’s all about the environment.